Rocket Knight: The New Adventures is a spiritual successor to the Rocket Knight series, specifically Rocket Knight (2010), taking place where Kenneth Sanjulo is able to become a Rocket Knight in training. 


Sparkster felt that it's the day for his son to become a Rocket Knight by teaching him the ways to master like what his father, Mifune Sanjulo did back then were Sparkster was young.


Characters who are introduced

New Characters who were introduced in Rocket Knight: The New Adventures.

  • King Weldread: The ruler of the Wezaltan kingdom (originally known as the Weazorlan kingdom.) He's heard of the Zebulos Kingdom from Axle Gear and now plans to takeover it for destruction.
  • Wizara the Witch Weasel: A wicked weasel who studied magic during her youth and grown up to use it for the wrong things. By using her magic, she can turn into anything she wants to, she's shown to transform into a dragon to fight Kenneth and Sparkster off, and into a bat from retreating of her defeat. Wizara calls Kenneth a "Rocket Brat" from stopping her and the kingdom's plan.
  • Wilyver: An aristocrat of the Wezaltan kingdom, he goes on to command the army of weasels to attack the Zebulos Kingdom in large numbers. His role is similar to Captain Fleagle from Rocket Knight Adventures, Paeli from Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, Colonial Wolfheim from the alternative timeline of the Rocket Knight series: Sparkster (SNES), and General Sweinhart from Rocket Knight.

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