Leoward Pantharo (full name: King Leoward Pantharo) is the main antagonist of Rocket Knight Adventures 3, he's a anthropomorphic leopard whose the ruler of the Leonparo Empire. His plan is to take over Elhorn by draining the magic of their world and use it to control the citizens of Zebulos under his commands.


Early Life

Not much to know about his past life, however at the time where the Devintindos Empire were attacking the Zebulos Kingdom, he kept his empire neutral from them even at the time where the Gedol Empire was attacking, so his future plans won't be disturbed til the time has come down for the plan to exist.

Rocket Knight Adventures 3

As the time finally passed, King Leoward announced his plan to take over Elhorn and it's magic to use it for taking control out of everyone to become his empire's slaves.

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